Press for Grillo

By ayr January 25, 2012

Those of you who have been with us for a while know that we don’t post about our own press. But what’s to say we shouldn’t post about other folk’s press? Grillo’s has been tearing it up: Bostonian, Stuff, Globe.

We couldn’t be more excited for Travis of Grillo’s who is operating at our new rotating space. If you haven’t been by it’s a 150 sq. ft. spot next to our HUB. Our plan is someday to rent it by the day as something like an incubator. We’re calling it the “bakery” internally, the rule is going to be that it’s only for people who are making things. Food, bikes, clothes.

Grillo’s is kicking it off, which means we’re having killer pickles at my house every night. So far I’ve brought home the Jicama and Carrots, the whole carrots, mustard pickles, regular Italian pickles, grapes, grapes, did I mention the grapes? If you haven’t had them, they’re awesome. Stop by. 7 days. 11am or so – 7pm or so.

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