Wondering why Matt’s Coffee is sometimes missing labels?

By ayr January 27, 2012

Matt just stopped in. Matt, of Matt’s Coffee. We found his coffee in 2010 and got around to visiting him this past summer. He uses the wood-fired roaster you might have heard us talk about.

While here he said: “I didn’t realize you show my bags like that! I’m going to have to be more careful on the labels.” If you frequent HSQ you may have noticed bags with funny label placement, or no label at all. Matt says he makes the labels on his laser printer, but that his house is a long drive from his roaster. So if he forgets a label here or there he just pulls out the old sharpie (something we’re all too familiar with). We love the sharpies bags, but I think Matt is going to try to send us more “official” bags in the future.

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