Ayr plays with vinyl letters

By ayr February 1, 2012

I’m entering the strange world of crafters. Sorry crafters out there, not trying to offend. But it is sort of a strange world, right?

I bought this vinyl cutting machine called a Cameo. It’s like an ink jet printer but instead of printing ink it CUTS stuff. Yeah, you send it a file, and it cuts stuff. Really cool, right? I can think of a million things to do with it. First mistake? I thought I wouldn’t buy that “transfer paper” they were trying to sell me. Big mistake. You need the stuff. This is a picture of me trying to deal without the transfer paper. Big fat failure.

So I ordered some transfer paper. Keep an eye out in HSQ to see the vinyl in action. I’m thinking it might be the perfect in-between for signs, not as temporary as whiteboard, not as permanent as paint.

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