Kid or adult

By ayr February 3, 2012

Lucia (MIT) and I thought this was a funny moment. I told Sandy (HUB) he could take down customer drawings on the wall at the HUB (they fill up really fast). But I told him not to take down any that were drawn by kids. Of course Sandy took my direction very seriously, he’s really diligent like that. We glanced over 10 minutes later and saw him studying some very closely, trying to figure out which category they belong in. As somebody who’s drawings may be indistinguishable from a kids I though it was really funny.

The drawings on a wall thing is something we started at HSQ about a year ago. We provide paper and crayons and tape. And when you’re done doodling you can share your creations with the world. It’s a ton of fun to see the things that live in our customers heads.

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