It’s like a big hug

By ayr February 4, 2012

I was sharing this sales chart with Sara (LMA) and Lucia (MIT) the other day. I was saying something obnoxious like “look at that, HSQ is beating all of the locations all day!” and Sara said: “Ohh, it’s like HSQ is giving all of the other locations a big hug.”

If you haven’t met Sara yet stop by LMA and say hi. She’s launched that truck in September, and as you can see by the chart she’s doing very well (right below MIT, DWY, HSQ on this particular day). I’m convinced a bunch of her success is tied to her amazing smiley happy all the time approach to life. The other day I asked if she cultivates her happiness, or if she’s just always been that way. Smiling she said “I think I’ve just always been happy.” It’s really amazing and infectious.

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