News flash! Antony is changing his order!

By Lucia February 6, 2012

That’s Antony, the only customer who has successfully developed a pre-order at Clover. For the past 2 years, every morning at breakfast he gives us $8 for a chickpea fritter and fries, and then when we see his red scarf rounding Carlton St at 1pm, we start making his order. He doesn’t wait in line, and when we’re really on our game, we have his order hot in a bag when he gets up to the truck.

But Enzo has been working on a little project: to get Antony to try our soups. Antony wasn’t having it. He’s very committed to his chickpea and fries. Enzo started with the coconut shiitake, then the black bean chili. And after about 3 months of giving Antony sips of soup, Enzo can claim victory. Antony has changed his order.

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