Beer launch Thursday!

By ayr February 7, 2012

BBC Launch
7pm Thursday 2/9/12
at CloverHSQ
7 Holyoke St., Cambridge, MA 02138

This morning we went to visit Berkshire Brewing Company. We wanted to learn about their operation and beer with the idea that we might work them into the rotation sometime in the near future. Then we found they had an amazing raspberry beer (more on that later), and we couldn’t resist the idea of a launching a ruby-colored beer on Valentine’s day. So it’s sort of crazy, but we’re going to put together a beer launch overnight.

I can’t wait to tell you all about this brewery, we loved visiting them. I’ll post more tomorrow. But I wanted to get the announcement out as quickly as possible. Tell everybody you know. We realize it’s short notice, but I know you’ll love meeting Gary.

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