Color logo?

By ayr February 7, 2012

I think it’s time for a new take on our logo. The most recent version came from Mary. She was re-painting the board back in November 2010 and didn’t have our stencil handy. So she did this awesome hand painted logo.

I’ve been thinking about the next version, and about bringing some color into things. We have this idea of one day using the logo as a cut-away in packaging. So you would look at the packaging and the CLOVER would be cut out, so the color/ texture of the logo would be the stuff behind the cut-out: a bring drink, granola, etc.

I’ve also been looking at schools for Clementine (my oldest kiddo). And thinking about drawing outside of lines. Been thinking about an Edie Brickell song my dad used to like and I didn’t know why: “What I am.”

So I stopped in at an art supply store, played around a bit and voila: here’s the next Clover logo iteration.

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