Have you seen this sandwich?

By ayr February 7, 2012

We do almost everything by word of mouth right now. And that’s not as bad as some might think. It allows us to speed up or slow down training based on the person being trained, we can talk about history and subtleties. It’s really great in a lot of ways.

As the company grows we’re ending up with pockets of employees who are “trained” by another well-intended employee, yet make sandwiches like this. (In case you didn’t know, that’s WAY too much lettuce.) We need to find ways to bring more standardization to training, but not lose a lot of what we love about the face-to-face. Megan is heading up a major effort we’re undertaking to improve training at Clover so expect to see changes over the coming months.

This is the next step in what is a long arc. We’re pulling off this amazing stunt where our food is actually getting better as the company gets larger. We’re pulling it off because you all are patient with us and honest with your feedback. Keep it coming. You’re going to pull us through this next stage as well.

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