Kind of like planes taking off at the airport

By Vincenzo February 10, 2012


We load our trucks every morning. My first day in 2008, I met Ayr at 5am at Nuestra in JP to train on opening the truck. We rolled a green cage packed with prepped food to the loading dock, loaded individual food items by hand, and drove off.

The second phase was this crazy picture. We would start at Harvard, use the DWY truck to load 2 trucks’ worth of food and equipment. We pulled up a very packed DWY to the back of MIT, unloaded all of MIT’s pack, and then drove to Dewey Square.

We’ve finally reached something a little smoother: all trucks loading at the HUB and driving off to their locations. It feels good to get to that place. And it sort of feels like planes taking off at the airport.

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