Donuts donuts donuts

By Lucia February 11, 2012

Who doesn’t love donuts?

Donuts started out as a very occasional thing. Like once a year when Barrington roasters came down for a coffee tasting. Over the holidays, Rolando trained all the managers on how to make donuts. It’s a really fun process. At a certain point, the idea came up to do donuts once a week at every location. Managers started claiming days. Chris said the kitchen could prep a donut kit once a day. I had made up a donut schedule and was going to post it up on the website.

Ayr was talking to me about this. I think I understand why there’s something that felt a little wrong about putting up a schedule for donuts. Well, not wrong, exactly. But our stance on desserts is sort of different than others. We love desserts, but as an occasional treat, not as a daily expectation. That’s why we don’t have cookies, etc. But when we do make desserts, we make them perfect. We’d love it if desserts at Clover felt something like a surprise, a gift, something special.

So how do donuts fit into this mix? Don’t worry, you’ll definitely see donuts at every Clover location at certain times during the year. But these should feel really special.

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