By ayr February 11, 2012

Those of you who have been with us for a while know that once a year during our slow time (now) Rolando and I make a food pilgrimage. The first year it was to the West Coast where we checked out food trucks and coffee roasters (Intelligentsia, Barefoot, Ritual, Stumptown, Ecco). Last year we went down south to learn about Chicory Coffee in New Orleans and BBQ in Texas. We have an idea that someday we might open these trips up to customers and employees. Be warned, we eat ALOT. I’m guessing your gut is going to ache next week just reading the stories from afar.

This year we’re planning to introduce Frozen Custard at the HUB. So we’re off to Milwaukee, capital of frozen custard. We’ll hit some new roasters we’ve been dying to add to the line-up (Alterra, La Columbe Torrefection), and check out the food in a few cities we haven’t been to for a while.

This year’s trip is going to have a twist: we’re picking up the newest step-van. So Rolando and I are going to be trucking across the middle of the country.

I’m including our itinerary here for those who want to see where we’re going. And if you’re a frozen custard lover feel free to recommend something we need to try (or any other regional food you think would be awesome).



6:15am – Arrive Logan

7:15am – Depart Logan

8:55am – Arrive Milwaukee

9:30am – Depart airport (with rental car)

11am – Arrive Alterra, Madison

12:30pm – Depart Madison

2pm – Arrive German town

2:30pm – Depart Germantown with truck

3pm – Custard tasting in Milwaukee

4:30pm – on road for Chicago

7pm – Arrive in Chicago

8pm – Dinner at Alinea

10pm – Drinks at Aviary

Midnight – Hotel (Westin?)


7am – Visit coffee shops in Chicago, breakfast at OXCO

9am – Tour Intelligensia factory

11:30am – Visit OXCO, Urbanbelly, others

1pm – Depart Chicago NEED TO LEAVE ON TIME!

3:30pm – Original Custard, Lafayette, IN (CLOSES AT 4PM!!)

4pm – Depart Original Custard

Midnight – Arrive Pittsburgh hotel (Sheraton?)


7am – Depart Pittsburgh

1pm – Arrive Philadelphia, tour food trucks/ carts

3pm – Tour La Columbe Torrefaction

5pm – Check into hotel Philadelphia (Sheraton?)

6pm – Dinner, Rolando’s choice

10pm – Cocktails? Late night-food trucks?


8am – Explore coffee/ breakfast in Philadelphia

10am – Depart Philadelphia

noon – Arrive in Queens, deliver truck to Shanghai Stainless

Either stay over in NYC and visit some stuff, bus in AM, OR just hop on bus that afternoon

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