Drumlin farm

By Lucia February 12, 2012

I met Greg from Drumlin over the summer. Megan, Vincenzo and I would go to their stand at the farmer’s market and get scallions, potatoes, tomatoes, tomatillos, ground cherries, and cook Saturday breakfast together. Greg and the other farmers are really special. They remembered our names after 1 visit. And they love vegetables. On this day, they were having an impromptu tomato tasting.

So I’m really excited that we’ve persuaded Drumlin Farm to be a part of our CSA program. This is the first time Drumlin is doing a CSA drop-off in the Boston area. Used to be you could only pick up at the farm in Lincoln.

You can read more about Drumlin and the other 4 farms right now at the HUB, 1075 Cambridge St. Sign-ups are happening there every day during February, 7am-9pm.

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