Raspberry beer for valentines day (strong)

By ayr February 13, 2012

So we launched Berkshire Brewing Co.’s Rasberry beer last Thursday. Chris, Rolando, and I visited Gary in South Deerfield last Tuesday. It was a real rush to pull that off. Normally we plan weeks in advance. But this beer is perfect for valentines day, and we thought that would be really fun, so we brought right in. If you come by you’ll see it has a nice ruby color to it.

I grew up in Western mass, so it’s cool to feature these beers that were brewed by my neighbors. This one has raspberries grown on a farm 3 miles from the brewery. Be warned, it’s really strong. We’ve never had a beer with an ABV this high. Normally I avoid fruit beers, but this one, fermented with the berries, is really fun. Folks were loving it last week.

Don’t let Chris’ serious disposition fool you. It’s 10:35AM and we’re all too deep into beer tasting. They just kept coming. I really loved the Imperial Stout, another heavy beer. The room here is filled with the beer collection from a volunteer who used to work with them. He donated all of that stuff to the brewery when he had to move out of his house.

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