5:16am first train

By ayr February 15, 2012

We’ll begin our Frozen Custard Journey with a post about the past. I just made the first train from Alewife this morning on my way to Logan.

The other day somebody was asking why we don’t open earlier at the trucks. When I was running MIT we started breakfast at 7am. But the only way we could pull this off was with me driving to our then commissary in JP. As soon as I moved away from that role and started relying on others to open we had to change the open time. Why? Because the MBTA doesn’t run the first train until 5:16am (Alewife, might be earlier other places). One day back in the beginning I actually rode that train to see what the fastest/ earliest open we could hope for would be. Sure enough, it’s just impossible to get the trucks up by 7am if you’re relying on Boston public transit. (Employees would have to arrive at the HUB by 5:30am at the LATEST to have breakfast up for 7am.)

Stop for a minute to think about this. Nobody in Boston who relies on public transit can work before 6am. Isn’t that crazy? I wonder how many jobs are impacted by this. I mean, really crazy, right? And now every time I see a Dunkin open early I know that those employees had to DRIVE to work. Isn’t that nuts? Do you know how tough that is if your job pays $9/ hour (Dunkin)?

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