Red Fire killing it

By Lucia February 17, 2012

CSA’s are in full swing at the HUB. We had to print out a new sheet for Red Fire Farm because so many people had signed up. A couple things seem appealing about the Red Fire CSA. It’s an example of organic farming on a pretty large scale, there’s an option to pay on a sliding scale if you’re low-income, and they will drop at Clover on Fridays, so it’s convenient for folks wanting to get vegetables to cook over the weekend.

If you want to meet Sarah and Ryan (farmers at Red Fire), or learn more about the other CSAs, come by the HUB next Friday 2/24. We’re having a party with all 5 farms. Come, ask questions, sign up for shares if you haven’t already.

Friday 2/24, 7pm
Clover HUB, 1075 Cambridge Street

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