By ayr February 18, 2012

Alterra is a coffee roaster based in Milwaukee. I’m not sure when I first heard of them, maybe when I was researching roasters back in the early days of Clover. They’ve been on “Top 10 Roasters in US” lists a bunch of times, so that’s probably where I came upon them. So I’ve been wanting to make this visit for a while. Alex, my brother in law and best friend is from Wisconsin and gets a coffee of the month club shipping from these guys. So I’ve had their coffee, but haven’t seen their facility.

Rolando and I met with George (sales) and met Ward and Lincoln (brothers) and Paul who started Alterra together. They store their sacks of coffee on pallets as shown above, and turn those pallets very fast. It’s going to be a little while before we get to feature their coffee, they have a bit of a licensing complication due to a historic business relationship that keeps them from being able to sell to us. But we can’t wait to bring them to Boston once that’s figured out.

There was inspiration everywhere at this place. Really exciting to see cool solutions people come up with.

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