Nooooooo way

By ayr February 18, 2012

I laughed really hard at this and thought I would share it with you. Megan (HR) calls perspective employees. This is a massive job, something like 30-40 calls/ week. And it’s sort of punishing. I’ve done it and I’m telling you it’s not as pretty as you would like or might think. We call back the folks who apply for jobs on the website. And some are just awesome, excited, fans of the food or want to get to know it, can’t wait to interview. But others, I mean you’ll literally be told in a hostile voice “who is this! Clover? Clover what? Restaurant? Job. What job? Foodservice? Foodservice? Hold on… wait 45 seconds… what are you calling about?” It’s really sort of crazy. I mean these are people on the other end of the phone who actually filled out a job application. And you get that again and again and again.

Sometimes it’s a lot worse than that. Megan occasionally finds folks harassing her about employment issues. It can get really bad. Obvious non-hires, harassment cases, etc. Sometimes they’ll call her back again and again because they have her number. This is her little solution. I think it’s hilarious and clever.

BTW: If you’re not a “nooooooo way” and looking for a job click on that little careers tab. We’re about to ramp up the hiring. In particular we’re really keen to find future leaders. This past 6-9 months have been amazing, and we have a bunch of folks on the cusp of being promoted to manager, which means we need to find the next generation.

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