BBQ plate

By ayr February 19, 2012

One of our customers came in the other evening and a bit hesitant asked if we could make her a BBQ plate, like the Chickpea plate, or Egg and Egg plate, but with BBQ.

It’s nothing we’ve ever done, but we thought why not give it a try? Rolando and I thought back to our experience in Texas last year and worked this up. We happened to have a bean salad, which was sort of perfect. We added pickled cabbage (a stand-in for slaw), a bed of lettuce, BBQ, tomatoes, a bunch of cucumber pickles. Then we heated some bread and threw that in. At the BBQ joint Rolando and I visited they would give you a quarter, or maybe a third of a loaf of white bread with your BBQ, almost like napkins.

Not sure we’ll make this a regular offering, but it was exciting to try out and what’s better than making somebody’s dreams come true?

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