3pm special: Tostones

By rolando February 22, 2012

Heather (my wife), made these for me on Valentine’s day, served with rice and beans. She really knows how to make me happy. I grew up eating these plain. I am Puerto Rican. Last year we served them with a cilantro mojo (like a caribbean vinaigrette). They are green plantains and are actually much more like a potato when green, than a banana.

I was in the clover kitchen yesterday, working on a detailed method of preparation for a recipe and Santo (dishwasher from Dominican Republic), stopped and showed me a better way to peel and squash the plantains. He also told me that they are good plain or with ketchup.  Then I asked Elmer (prep cook from El Salvador) – he said everyone eats them with salsa rosada (pink sauce — mayo and ketchup mixed).  Eddie (Kitchen asst. manager from Ecuador) agreed with Elmer. I asked Oswin (Lead Cook from Guatemala) and he said that they don’t eat them at all.

It was tons of fun listening to how they all eat tostones. But I didn’t know which sauce to serve. So we are going to do a different sauce each day and we hope you help us decide which one is best. Starting with Tostones with mojo sauce tonight.  3pm at all locations (except cloverBUB) – $3.

This photo is tostones with salsa rosada.

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