Clover CSA sign-up extended

By ayr February 27, 2012

As many of you know by now we’re hosting 5 of the best farms in Massachusetts for our pilot retail-CSA experiment. You commit to a farm right now, give them money now, and they will give you produce all through the growing season (typically end of May through October). We’re offering our space at the HUB for farmers to drop their shares, this way you can pick-up at your convenience on the drop-off day you’ve selected.

We’d planned to end the CSA sign-ups at the end of February. I know, it’s pretty hard to believe you have to commit to your summer vegetable share in the middle of the (non) winter. But this is how CSAs work for farmers. They have to make planning decisions right now: how many acres to grow, how many people to hire, what seeds to order, equipment to invest in, etc. So you need to decide if this CSA thing is for you and buy in (or opt out) right now, even though you’re probably not thinking about warm sun at the moment.

The Meet Your Farmer event we hosted last Friday (pictured above) was so successful that we’re extending the sign-ups for 1 week. So 3/9/12 is the last day we’re taking sign-ups. If you haven’t checked it out, or don’t know what a CSA is, stop by the HUB to learn more.

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