Does anybody live in Cleveland Circle?

By Lucia February 28, 2012

The first-ever Clover test truck (well, besides MIT) goes live this Friday.

Starting Friday 3/2 we’re going to have a truck at Cleveland Circle. It’s sort of a test to see if we’d like to open something permanent in the area. I was asking everyone in line today if they knew anybody who lived in Cleveland Circle. Mostly I was met with blank stares.

I was looking up the exact location of where we’ll be (Beacon and Chestnut Hill Ave). And then I got excited because the picture that comes up on Google Street View has a white truck in it. Could be a sign of good luck? If you’ve got friends in the area, send them our way, we’re really excited to meet everybody in Cleveland Circle.

CLOVER CLEVELAND CIRCLE (Beacon St + Chestnut Hill Ave, in the Cassidy Park parking lot)
Wed: 7am – 3pm
Friday: 7am – 9pm
Saturday: 4pm – 9pm

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