That’s me before Clover

By sara February 28, 2012


Sara (LMA) here. The year before I moved to Boston, I was teaching kindergarten in Korea. That’s me in the picture. Every Tuesday we did a cooking class, which was always my favorite day. I was exposed to amazing food. I didn’t like squid or fish paste much, but I loved acorn jelly and all of the dumplings.

I didn’t go to school for education. So lesson planning and organizing the classroom was really intimidating. The education system in Korea is very different  – so much more pressure is put on these kids, even in kindergarten. But it was amazing to witness kids (who I grew to love dearly) go from no English to fluent in one year.

Managing a Clover truck is a little different. The teaching experience made the organizing, planning, and scheduling part of my job fairly easy. Teaching adults how to do something takes different skills than teaching kids, though – this has been my greatest challenge here so far.

LUCIA EDIT: If anyone wants to learn from Sara, or any of our other managers, we’re hiring. Check out the hiring tab on the website.

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