CUSTARD OR BUST: Henry’s Restaurant

By ayr March 5, 2012

We found this place that looked like an abandon gas station on Highway 40 in West Jefferson Ohio, an older road parallel to the interstate. We weren’t too sure what to expect, but reviews said it was the best pie in Ohio, and people in Ohio like their pie.

We bought 4 pies and 2 coffees. The pie was really fun. We had a peanut butter pie, a berry pie, lemon, and buttermilk. They opened early, I think it was 6am, and that was our start to the day. It was awesome. I asked the waitress if I could buy one of their mugs. She said no, but if she could find a beat-up one she would give it to me. She did, and I gave it to my son Blue as a gift when we got home.

Hard to believe it, but they were open. And we weren’t the only ones who knew about the pie:

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