Competitive yoga

By ayr March 7, 2012

This is the best attended yoga since we’ve started this new benefit. In case you missed it a few weeks ago we announced “fluorescent yoga” at Clover. We’re subsidizing yoga classes for all Clover employees. Megan and I have been super excited about this benefit, but other than the two of us attendance has been, let’s just say limited.

So Megan and I decided to have a contest. We’d each get 1 point for each person we got to come to the next yoga session. We agreed that John Lee (FIN) should count for 3 points because nobody thought he’d ever come.

Turns out we’re a little competitive. We ended up with 3 points each. Not bad. Now Megan wants to make this an ongoing contest. I don’t think we made any rules against inviting customers. Anybody out there up for a cheap ($5) yoga class in the basement of the Clover HUB? I’ll pay for your first session if you can guess who that is laying down in the picture.

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