Barleywine at Clover

By Lucia March 9, 2012

We have a keg of raspberry barleywine at HSQ right now. It’s the strongest beer we’ve ever served. Some of you who had 2 cups at the beer launch might have felt some of that 9.8% ABV.

I was doing some research on barleywine. Any customers who are historians or beer drinkers, let me know if I’ve got it right. Apparently this was invented in England as a replacement for wine at the table.┬áThe British were having problems with countries that grew grapes and made wine (France?) so they invented something as strong as wine, but instead of grapes, they used barley.

If that story’s true it’s sort of fun to think about us drinking a version of wine for cold climates. We’ll be pouring this for a little while longer at HSQ. Stop by and see what you think.

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