Nobody look at the line!

By Lucia March 10, 2012

Did you wait in a Clover line on Thursday? If you did, we’re sorry. At MIT the line was 40 deep. At LMA it stretched all the way to the doors of Merck. BU had its biggest day since opening.

MIT was crazy. I was running between taking orders, making chickpea fritters, and saying “Don’t look at the line!” Everyone was working really fast and focused. We were actually having a good time. Kevin looked up at 1:50 and said we’re about to run out of bread. We had killed 3 racks of bread in just over 2 hours. Then the generator shuddered to a halt. The hood turned off. Everything was silent. We all just started laughing.

A customer said the heat on Thursday was because of a solar flare. Whatever the reason we had huge lines all over. We hate these lines. It means you’re waiting way too long for your food. Next week looks full of 60-degree days. So, anybody want a job working lunch rush at Clover?


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