Large potato = 368 grams

By rolando March 13, 2012

I noticed that some of the soups were coming out a bit off (too thin, too thick). I knew that these recipes were tight and I needed to figure out what was going on. The Clover kitchen crew takes the soup recipe and preps soup kits. They measure all of the produce, wash them, then assemble them into a container, so they are organized and easy to produce on board the locations the next morning.

I learned that the soup kit builder wasn’t paying close attention to the details in the recipe when it called for 5 large (13 oz. or 368 grams) potatoes. They were sometimes adding 5 small (260 grams) potatoes or 5 extra large (500 grams) potatoes to a soup, throwing off the dynamic of the recipe. A combination would work fine, averaging out the sizes.

I taught them the importance of this detail and showed them what a large potato means in Cloverland (approx. 368 grams). Problem solved. Over time, they will learn the size by sight and will not need to weigh out the potatoes. For now, break out the scales.

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