The other end of the bottle

By sandy March 14, 2012

Sandy (HUB) here. Before Clover, I worked the bottling line at Magic Hat Brewing Co. in Burlington, VT. I drove a forklift around, ran heavy machinery and did some light number crunching. Just like at Clover, there was a big emphasis on keeping things clean, whether it was running acid through the beer lines or cleaning broken glass out of a hydraulic lift pit.

No matter what your job is at a brewery, you learn beer and you learn to love beer. We’re hoping to try a homebrewing class soon over at the HUB. We have to make sure everything checks out on this, but if it works out, our idea is that we’d teach everything about beer and let folks try their hand at making it. If this is something you’d be interested in, or if you have ideas for what we should pour next, let us know.


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