My old office

By Lucia March 15, 2012

Lucia here. Sorry about the blurry picture, it was taken from Chris’s car yesterday. In college I had a job at that office building, for a magazine called Cable in the Classroom. Think TV Guide, but for middle school teachers. If you ever want to know anything about the show “How Weather Changed History” let me know.

It was a quiet job. Lots of data-entry, some writing, choose your own hours, really good pay. My boss was really nice. Right after graduation in 2009 she called saying the magazine was going online. Everyone was getting laid off. Every adult kept saying how unlucky we all were to graduate during the recession. I sort of spent the next 3 months of summer lying under the ceiling fan in my apartment.

I interviewed on the fry station at Clover during an August lunch rush. I had never seen a fryer before. I brought cupcakes to my interview. Leah hired me, I worked another crazy lunch rush, and Day 2 I learned to clean the truck. We were scrubbing every inch of the truck with soapy water, blasting 107.9 Kiss FM (it would make us work faster than WERS). So whenever I hear “Party in the USA” by Miley Cyrus, I’ll remember how I felt after that 1st night: exhausted but completely happy.

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