By Lucia March 16, 2012

We just closed CSA sign-ups at the HUB. For those of you who don’t know, we are trying a little experiment to bring CSA sign-ups and drop-offs to Clover. We had no idea whether this would work. We don’t know of anybody else putting CSAs in a retail context.

Friday night I raced over to the HUB, grabbed the clipboards from the wall, and ran home to count the results. I’ve always been obsessed with watching the results of elections. The numbers seem to mean a lot. So adding up the number of people on the lists felt a little like calculating the results of our little election.

So what were the stats? Altogether 119 people signed up, distributed over 5 farms. And $68,425? That is the number you get when you multiply 119 x $575 (average price of a share). If everyone who signed up actually goes through with paying for a CSA, that’s the dollar amount we will have funneled to local farms. I’m not sure if that number is really big or really small.

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