Knife Skills Training

By rolando March 18, 2012

I’ve been really focused lately, training staff how to care for and use knives at Clover. Most of the staff, don’t have formal culinary training, so it is important that I teach them these techniques (for safety and efficiency).

This photo is of Maggie from Clover Harvard Square sharpening a knife. I do a basic class (knife skills 101). Then they have to pass a timed practical test. Once they pass, they can take a more advanced class (knife skills 201). Once they complete the advanced class,and another timed practical test, they can take the last class – fine dining techniques (sort of a reward for passing the first two classes). Here, I get to break out all of my fancy knives and show them how to do lots of technical cutting techniques.

Customers are welcome. If you want to learn how to cut veggies better, let me know and we can squeeze you in to our next class. Below is a picture of Naveen (HSQ regular) doing his practical test. He did really well.

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