Persian new year post

By Lucia March 20, 2012

This is Pardis. She does awesome things with the City of Cambridge. She stopped by the restaurant yesterday and I got to wish her a happy Persian New Year.

So what’s Persian New Year? It happens on the first day of Spring. It’s not a religious holiday, at least I don’t think it is. But it’s really ancient. You make food with a lot of fresh green herbs, you clean your house, you visit all your relatives, and you prepare this special table with awesome food and a bowl with a live goldfish. Seriously, every household goes to Petco and you get to buy a pet goldfish. The pet goldfish is the best part (and to be honest, it’s the only part we celebrated growing up).

I was doing some research, and I learned that the way you behave on Persian New Year will set the tone for the year. So if you’re happy and nice that day, you’ll have a happy, nice year. If you’re mean, in a bad mood, etc., that will translate to the whole year. So come on, you’ve still got one more hour to make this year special. And come by for Persian New Year soup at lunch tomorrow.



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