Beer Launch: 8pm Thursday 3/29, 7 Holyoke

By Lucia March 25, 2012

We asked you what beer you wanted to drink next at Clover. Jesse and John (customers) and Alan (employee) suggested Jack’s Abby.

Jack’s Abby is new (<9 months) and they only make lagers. For those of you like me just learning about this stuff, beer falls into 2 categories: ales and lagers. I think there are a bunch of differences between ales and lagers, but one is the type of yeast. Lager yeast ferments at lower temperatures. Lagers originated in colder countries like Germany. As lager yeast moved to the US, "pale" lagers became widespread. Think Budweiser, Busch, PBR. Rolando, Chris, and I went out to Framingham to meet Jack (in the picture) and taste lagers. Chris really liked one of them, an India Pale Lager. Jack went to brewing school in Germany. He said his professors were really strict about sticking to traditional methods. So this India Pale Lager is sort of a play on a strict lager recipe. We're launching this Thursday at 8pm. Come meet Jack, ask him everything about lager beers, and taste.

BEER LAUNCH: Jack’s Abby
8pm Thursday 3/22
Clover HSQ (7 Holyoke St)

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