Lucia, did you get arrested today?

By Lucia March 28, 2012

Every time we have an event I go to hang up posters. And every time I do, I get a little scared I’m going to get arrested. [PLUG: The poster in the picture? We’re having a beer launch tomorrow night, 8pm, at Harvard Square. We’ll be tasting Jack’s Abby, an awesome India Pale Lager, and hearing from the brewer. It’s free, and you’re all invited.]

Anyway, I have a whole backlog of posts about the experiences I’ve had hanging up posters over the past year. I’ve been stopped by a cop, a formal citation has been delivered to HSQ. I know now not to hang posters on city property or anywhere in Harvard Square. I don’t want to damage the way the city streets look, or make anyone mad. But I love posters and I think they’re a good way of reaching people.

I actually have a couple theories about how posters get taken down in Cambridge, but I’ll save that for another post. The point is every time I come into the office at Harvard Square after hanging up posters, my coworkers seem relieved that I haven’t been arrested. But also a little disappointed, because what could be better than a blog post from inside jail?

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