Sold out of whoopie pies

By Lucia April 2, 2012

Friday we made chocolate whoopie pies w/parsnip filling. We sold out at Harvard Square by 9pm. It was our fault, we’ve been selling them by the box, and the first customers at 5pm all bought boxes. Sorry to those who came by when we were out. This Friday we’re going to be ready for you.

We told customers if they came up with the next flavor, we’d buy them their next whoopie pie. So we’re working on coming up with a flavor that was suggested by one of our youngest regulars, Anya. She and her dad come in every Friday. If you want to know what’s on our mind, you’ll have to talk to Anya. Anya, if you or your dad is reading this, come by Friday, your whoopie pie is on us.

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