April fools pack notes

By Lucia April 4, 2012

Did you trick anyone for April fools? Last year we did the Clover Bacon Kart, hitched to the back of the MIT truck. $1/strip.

This year we didn’t remember to trick any customers. But Ashton made sure the holiday didn’t go by without celebrating. That’s Ashton hiding from the camera. He is responsible for doing the pack each night. The kitchen makes food for each truck, Ashton pulls it from the walk-in fridge, organizes it into a specific pack for each truck. Openers grab their pack and load the truck.

Ashton sends pack notes every night. Usually the notes say things like, “MIT, packed you extra pickled veg, or LMA, no hot sauce today.” On 4/1, we got this: “Hey everyone, didn’t feel like doing pack today.  Have your openers pull everything, it should all be in the walk in.”

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