By Vincenzo April 5, 2012


This is Isaac, the first in Clover’s Berklee dynasty. Isaac really stood out in his interview back in September. He’s awesome at everything –  he’s the one responsible for making all of MIT soups in the morning. This picture? When we ran out of coffee, he ran to Voltage and convinced them to loan us a bag. When Clover was in need of staff he reached out to his fellow Berklee friends, and currently we have 4 of them who work with us.

Isaac studies contemporary writing and production and really loves Oscar Peterson. If you’re by MIT you will usually find us comparing music to food. When training him on soups I’ll explain the layers involved in flavoring, I compare it to an orchestra, there are all these beautiful instruments/ingredients playing at the same time, and you hear/taste them all to make one great song/dish.

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