By Vincenzo April 8, 2012


Meet Juan, he’s from L.A. If you’ve been by in the evenings, or you heard the band at our holiday party, you probably already know him. He’s a student at Berklee studying contemporary writing and production. And he’s shown a lot of leadership qualities as well as keeping everyone laughing with his great sense of humor. Recently our closing Team Leader Laura was going to be away on vacation, and I was in a bind to find her coverage. I asked Juan how he would feel to drive the truck and close up MIT, and he didn’t hesitate to learn. As he would say, “That’s makin’ plays.”

LUCIA EDIT: For a while, I didn’t know what everyone was talking about when they said “that’s makin’ plays.” I found out what it meant after watching my first full-length football game (The Superbowl). It means you are doing something in preparation for something awesome to happen.

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