Tom loves Clover

By Megan April 8, 2012

This is Tom. He drives the resupply van and helps with maintenance. He’s from a small town near Sturbridge, Mass. This morning I caught a ride with him in the van, and we were talking. Turns out he quit smoking since working for us, says he eats way better than he ever has and uses the AM resupply as a morning workout. He’s lost weight, but he said it was Clover and the people here that make him enjoy his job and life more. He also told me that prior to Clover he felt he could not find a position in maintenance anywhere, I’m pretty sure it was luck (and we kinda thrive on luck around here) that brought us together.

This made me really happy. I have recently been working on changing my life in a big way, working out with Chris at 6am every morning and yoga with Ayr 2-3 times a week. I even left a really high-paying job to do something I believe in. Want to change your life too? We’re hiring for all positions.

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