Parsnip-cheddar sandwich v.1

By rolando April 19, 2012

The next seasonal sandwich is in development over at the MIT truck. I wanted to make a sandwich with Spring-dug parsnips before they were gone for the season. I knew I wanted to feature Spring onions and I remembered this awesome chow chow (Southern relish) I had down in New Orleans the last time I was there. So I came up with this. It’s caramelized spring onion whites, cooked down with cider vinegar, sugar,┬ácinnamon, mustard seeds and fresh horseradish. Then it’s blended with the green onion tops.

We added roasted parsnips and some spinach and we were off. After trying it for the first time, it felt a bit sharp, so I thought a little mayonnaise and cheddar would help round out the flavor. The kitchen crew is roasting the parsnips back at the HUB. We are trying out a few different methods. At MIT until further notice. If you had this sandwich over the past week, what did you think? How can we make it better?


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