My old life

By Megan April 21, 2012


What’s up with those fancy appetizers? Before Clover I handled the food service for a few Fortune 500 companies. My last role as Director of Food and Beverage was for a pharmaceutical company in the Longwood Medical Area, right by where our truck is parked now. I did a ton of hiring, event planning, menu development, managing of financials, and making clients really happy. I got to play with a lot of great food and put on huge events where cost was rarely an issue.

I was good at it and enjoyed it. I learned a lot about food systems and myself. I tried my hardest to have a positive impact on the decisions we made. I was part of a sustainable seafood program, supported whatever local businesses and farmers I could. Overall, though, I felt discouraged when a lot of the practices we spent tons of dollars advertising weren’t always taking place. It felt wrong, so I tried looking for other jobs. I was ready to move to Chicago when Clover came along.

When Ayr approached me about helping out with hiring for Clover I was more than excited to take care of a few things for him. I would have done anything they needed to help them out, but I never expected to be offered a role. It really felt too good to be true. I accepted with excitement because it was what I had been searching for, what I feel I am supposed to do with my life. I love food, I mean LOVE food, everything about it is exciting and cool to me, and I love what we are doing to improve food systems in the US. My role as HR director ensures I get to help hire folks who feel the same way.



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