Parsnip-cheddar sandwich v.2

By rolando April 26, 2012

Over at the HUB kitchen, we were struggling a bit with the roasting technique of the parsnips, when we bulked up to larger batches. In smaller tests, they cooked fine, but once we started cooking in 25lb. batches, the final results were too varied and many were coming out too tough and fibrous.

So I decided that it was imperative that we make it a two stage cooking process. First, we par-boil the parsnips in water to get them soft, primarily on the interior of each parsnip. Cool them down. Then roast in a hot oven (375°F-400°F), till roast color is achieved.

Final result should be a sweet, roasted parsnip that has a soft bite. Still, testing only at MIT. Let us know how we’re doing.

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