Earth Dinner at Clover

By rolando April 27, 2012

We held something called an Earth Dinner last week as a fundraiser in support for the Chefs Collaborative. They are a national non-profit chef organization based out of Boston. They work to connect regional chefs and farmers. They educate and promote the building of a sustainable food system.

We thought it would be a good excuse to dust off the old knife kit and chef jackets and throw down in the kitchen. Chris and Enzo were down. So we did it.

We did a 6-course tasting menu with a beer & wine pairing. It was a ton of fun. Many purveyors and producers donated to the event. Many of our friends and employees donated their time & skills, couldn’t have done it without them. Check in later in the week for more details about what we made.

Oh yeah, and the band up top all work at the MIT truck (they’re music students at Berklee).


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