Parsnip-cheddar sandwich v.3

By rolando April 30, 2012

On to version #3 of the Parsnip cheddar sandwich. We got some feedback on the relish and more on the parsnips and I’ve made some final tweaks.

Several customers commented that the relish was a little too sweet. So I took some of the sugar out and added a pinch of cayenne pepper for a little more zip.

Many customers comments’  revolved around the temperature of the parsnips. Apparently, it wasn’t to appetizing eating them cold. So I decided to heat the parsnips for a few minutes, mostly to take the chill off of them (they may be served slightly warmed).

That’s Paul from MIT warming the first batch the other day on our first trial run. Keep the feedback coming in. We love your involvement with the development of new menu items.



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