Why I quit my last job

By mary May 7, 2012

Mary (DWY) here. Before I worked at Clover, I worked at one of the oldest family owned/operated burger joints in the city.┬áIt’s funny how different jobs you have affect your diet. That job turned me into a vegetarian. I’m not a vegetarian anymore, but it took me a long time before I could eat a burger again.

The worst thing was when I started finding baby roaches frozen into the ice cubes. I tried showing my boss who was working the grill next to me and he wouldn’t believe it.

He was a really stubborn guy. Don’t think he was given the choice to work anywhere else. He’d take out all his pent-up frustrations on the wait staff. He yelled across the dining room and called us pinheads if we took an order wrong. One time I was greeting some customers and he asked me if I was “retahded.” I had no choice but to yell back, “Yes, I’m retarded,” or be fired. It sort of seemed like that attitude was part of the appeal for customers. Everyone on the staff was supposed to have a bad attitude.

At Clover I’ve found a place that makes me feel at home…and I’m not afraid to put ice in my water.


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