Mystic Beer Launch: Thursday 5/10, 8pm, Clover HSQ, 7 Holyoke St

By Lucia May 8, 2012

Come by the Harvard restaurant Thursday at 8pm for the launch of Mystic beer at Clover.

I think this will be a really special launch for a lot of you. Bryan, the brewer, got his PhD in how plants make fragrance in nature. He used to be a scientist for the commercial yeast industry, his job was to figure out how to make things taste like other things.

Now he makes beer using wild yeast. From what Ayr tells me, he literally goes out and harvests wild strains of yeast and turns them into beer. This is totally unlike most beer that’s being made right now in the U.S. So start thinking of your questions for Bryan, and get ready to taste. Tap for their Descendant beer goes in 8pm Thursday.

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