3pm special: Beer-battered bananas

By rolando May 9, 2012

One day this past Winter, we had been running a 3pm special which worked out quite well, beer-battered apples. I had just made myself a peanut butter, honey and banana sandwich, when I laid eyes on the beer-batter on the counter. Then the thought arose, to dip bananas in the batter in the same manner as the apples.

First, coat the bananas in cinnamon sugar. Then into the beer batter. Next immediately into the fryer for a few minutes. Really, really yummy. Careful, they’re super hot, right out of the fryer.

Jake, from Counter Culture Coffee, happened  to walk-in for a cup of coffee, just as I was testing out the first batch. He gave me the thumbs up. Running at all locations through Tuesday of next week.

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