Mystic descends on Harvard Square tonight 8pm

By ayr May 10, 2012

Guess where this picture was taken? No, not at lab at MIT. This is straight from a brewery. A very unusual brewery.

Not since our first Pretty Things launch have we had a beer launch that’s been as long in the working. My first notes from talking to Bryan are from November 2010. Most of you probably haven’t heard of him, except maybe from us. But I think everybody who is into beer will know Mystic really well someday.

Bryan worked in the commercial fermentation industry for years, helping big companies make alternatives to artificial sweeteners by using yeast to create flavors. Crazy, huh? And when he got into beer he decided to start testing and screening strains of wild yeasts. Last time I talked to him about it he told me he’s screened something like 100 strains. Ask him tonight what he’s up to now.

I realize this intro may not have you all salivating, but I know I’m not the only geek who spends time on this site. And this is some really unusual and beautiful stuff that’s happening in our backyard.

Rolando, Chris and I visited the brewery. They’re doing a bunch of stuff that’s nothing like the other breweries we’ve visited. Including square fermentation tanks, outsourcing the wort production, bottle aging, taking charge of their own yeast.

See all of those barrels? These guys look up to Belgian beers, Dupont in particular. And they’re experimenting with stuff that’s really more similar to wine or champagne: bottle aging, barrel aging, etc. The equipment is more like a scientists lab then a brewery. It was really exciting, and bit disorienting to take this tour.

Their biggest account (until Clover kicks in)? A package store in Chelsea, MA near their brewery. I think that’s great. We really value staying focused on your neighbors, getting to know those who live where you live/ work.

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