George Howell Coffee Company

By rolando May 15, 2012

That’s George Howell in our Harvard Square store, teaching Rose how to pour coffee. This picture was taken over a year ago. So why are you just now seeing George Howell coffee at Clover?

Some of you know that George Howell is a big deal in the coffee world. He brought high quality coffee from the West Coast to Boston in the 70’s with
the Coffee Connection. He was one of the first to treat coffee like wine, paying attention to the place the coffee was grown. He developed the Cup of Excellence, a competition that lets growers in certain countries get better prices for their coffees. Now he has the George Howell Coffee Company.

We hadn’t served George Howell up to this point because of price. Their blended coffee prices were higher than most of the single origins that we are getting from other roasters. The price of Terroir (their line of single origin coffees) was even higher.

Recently, these folks have been working with us and we were able to find a coffee that matched our profile. The price was still on the high side, but Ayr and I felt that it was something we wanted to try and see what you all thought. The El Roble should be at all locations by end of the week. If you try it, let us know what you think.

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